5 Ways To Overcome The Common Work Challenges Freelancers Face

freelance work challenges

All of us, at least once in our lifetimes, ask the question – what to do if there’s no visible way out. For most freelancers out there, there are many reasons why this problem can become a real headache. As a freelancer, you won’t have a fixed schedule, nor will you have to go to the office. But that doesn’t mean you are exempted from the work challenges that come with freelancing. You and your business may still encounter obstacles along the way and it’s normal.

Fret not because we are here to guide you. Here are five ways on how to overcome 5 of the most common freelance work challenges that we freelancers face.

1. Know and Take Advantage of Seasonality

planning ahead

Seasonality is irregular, but often predictable, fluctuation in sales volume over time. You can only take advantage of seasonality through planning, guiding yourself by the expectations of each period. Economic uncertainties bring with them freelance work challenges that are not always easy to overcome. You need to understand how to take advantage of the seasonality of the market. It means knowing which months to work in where the flexibility is greater. And knowing which months where you should spend the rest of the time planning a sales strategy. Each niche or market has its own seasonality; that is, times of the year when there’s much more movement and times when it’s simply dead. For example, if one of your clients works in the tourism industry, you know that vacation periods will be the ones that carry the most demand.

With this in mind, you can better organize yourself for when you need support. Or you can dedicate low seasons to update your networks or manage future projects. Knowing which are the best months for you will help you take advantage of a higher income. Meanwhile, you can spend your time training and improving your skills during the off-peak seasons so you can be more prepared for the next projects to come. Most freelancers pay no attention to this. But knowing this fact will greatly prepare you in case a drought affects you out of season.

2. Less is More

You have to stay focused and motivated. Many freelancers are paralyzed by the uncertainty in their businesses because they have no idea in which area they should push next. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and never see profit potential in one area of ​​your business, or to get so focused on one project that others are neglected.

This mistake is very common and can result in projects never completed, goals never achieved, or simply living under stress. To overcome these freelance work challenges, you must:

  • Get organized and learn to delegate, prioritize those tasks that increase your productivity.
  • Divide your projects, so it’ll make it easier for you to set the time and space that each project requires.
  • Don’t spend all day checking your networks; set a schedule to update them.
  • Try to avoid distractions when working from home.
  • Learn focusing techniques and take advantage of your time

3. Don’t Forget Your Contacts

network of clients

Maybe your client base is increasing, which is great; but what’s not so good is just to turn to them for interest or doubts in your sector.
Taking advantage of your contacts is one of the most widespread challenges in this world. We get so involved in our work that we forget our old clients, and it may be them who can bring us new jobs tomorrow. Communicate with them. Who are they? How are they? What new projects do they have at hand? Either by email, call, or simply scheduling a short meeting. Focus on creating stable communication networks, and stay on the radar of potential clients.

4. Make Your Work Known

You may be at a point in your life where your clients are almost all known or recommended. Okay, that’s a good sign, you are doing your job well. But you don’t see new faces. You might find it hard to find new clients. You can take advantage of remote job boards and platforms such as Upwork or LinkedIn to showcase your portfolio and increase your chances of reaching more potential clients. Every day is a new opportunity. Don’t forget to look for new clients, know your domain well, look for companies or organizations where they accept value proposals, and follow their participation in events and projects.

In addition, try to get close to them and work hard to show them why you are their best option. Knowing how to ‘market’ yourself, creating a plan, and offering the necessary services or products are the way to obtain better possibilities and greater growth in markets where competition is never lacking.

One tip that’s never too much is to take a good look at social networks, understand the environment and find out what your differentiation will be.

5. Loneliness

When you’ve been staring into space for 15 minutes, right in front of your computer’s desktop, there’s no denying it: You’re in big trouble.
What’s more, you may start comparing yourself with all those well-known entrepreneurs who inspire the freelancer communities and start wondering why instead of being free and happy like them, you’re drowning in loneliness and stress.

But you are not alone. Remember that there are millions of people who are freelancers, just like you, who also face these same work challenges. Networking is essential since you will not only fight loneliness, but you will create new friendships and connections that in the future will help you continue to grow and scale your business.


The freelance worker is one of those who suffer the least… or so they say, right? Our flexibility allows us to find work even in the most uncertain situations and adjust to each type of client. However, being on everyone’s lips offers you a significant challenge when it comes to staying motivated, concentrating on your work, and not getting discouraged.

There are many work challenges we face and many are easy to overcome. But after a global pandemic with the dimensions we’ve experienced, it is difficult to keep trusting the future. It takes a lot of energy, passion, and character to face these challenges. But if you have taken the step to be a freelancer, you already have plenty of that.

Hope this helps! Let us know in the comments below what freelancing challenges you’ve faced before and how did you overcome them? For more helpful guides and freelancing tips, I recommend that you read our articles about The Importance of Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence As You Work From Home and our Freelance Productivity Tips.

Happy Freelancing!

Angeline Licerio is the blogger behind Dollarmize.com. After working online as a writer and SEO strategist, she decided to start this blog to give advise to people who would like to earn money online. She is also the founder of SEO Tutorials for FREE, a Facebook community that helps aspiring freelancers and SEO specialists to kickstart their work from home journey.

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