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Dollarmize is a blog that talks about how people can earn money online. We publish guides, tips and blog posts about how to kick off your freelancing career, how to find legitimate work from home jobs, and how to earn top dollar without leaving the four corners of your home.

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freelancing tips for beginners

How to Start Freelancing With No Experience: A Beginner's Guide

From learning a skill to finding clients, we answer your most frequently asked questions on how to start freelancing even without experience.

Lucrative work from home skills

50+ Most Lucrative Skills For Freelancers

We’ve written down a list of the most lucrative skills that you can learn in order to work from home and earn money online. 
career goals

Set Your Career Goals and Achieve Success


Want to know the Skills you can use to work from home?

Kickstart your freelancing journey by acquiring one of these lucrative freelancing skills. Download our guide today.

Lucrative work from home skills

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complete freelance portfolio guide

Get Clients With This Freelance Portfolio Guide

September 3, 2021
Create a freelance portfolio that converts! Get premium clients by using these 10 elements that make the best portfolio. Read now!
get clients

How Freelancers Get Clients Online

August 28, 2021
Are you an aspiring freelancer? In this blog, we talk about what is freelance work and share some tips on how you can earn money with it.
Managing Multiple Clients

Freelancing Tips in Managing Multiple Clients

August 5, 2021
Having more clients means more work and handling different projects. Follow these tips to be successful in managing multiple clients as a freelancer.
freelancing as next career move

Why Freelancing Should Be Your Next Career Move

September 2, 2021
Are you considering changing your career and looking for new opportunities? Here are 8 reasons why you should choose freelancing as your next career move.
Earn Money From Home Without Investment

Earn From Home Without Investment

August 21, 2021
Ever wonder how you can earn money from home without investment? Say no more! We listed down these various jobs and income opportunities you can try out.
digital marketing niche

Find Your Own Digital Marketing Niche

April 29, 2021
Know the different types of digital marketing and learn these essential tips in finding your own digital marketing niche.
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The Author

Angeline Licerio is the blogger behind Dollarmize.com. After working online as a writer and SEO strategist, she decided to start this blog to give advise to people who would like to earn money online.

She is also the founder of SEO Tutorials for FREE, a Facebook community that helps aspiring freelancers and SEO specialists to kickstart their work from home journey.